Student Activities

At Resurrection-St. Paul School, we teach our students that we are a family from PreK-Grade 8. Many of the Resurrection-St. Paul School student activities include the entire school’s participation. The activities listed below are in addition to the many clubs offered and participating in outreach projects. We encourage our students to support each other in their interests inside and outside of school.  

*All of the following activities will continue to take place during the COVID pandemic with appropriate adjustments to follow protocols.

Halloween Activities

Pre-K through grade 5 students are permitted to wear Halloween costumes to school (following guidelines). They participate in a parade around the school property (weather permitting). Grades 6-8, who have an out of uniform day, go outside to watch the parade and then go to a dance or play bingo. Classroom parties also occur that afternoon for Pre-K to grade 5.

May Crowning

The May Crowning follows our school mass on the same day we host Mom’s Morning. Our first communicants serve as honor guard for the 8th grade student who has been chosen by classmates to crown the Blessed Mother. All are invited to attend the Mass celebration.

Reindeer Race

The reindeer race is a game held at Christmas time for the students and is also a fundraiser for charity. Families are encouraged to send in donations to benefit the two charities. Funds will be collected during homeroom. Homerooms will earn special rewards for raising money.  During the actual Reindeer Race event homerooms will “race” around the gym on a giant board game. All funds raised goes directly to the two charities. 

Walk for the Homeless

Each October the students wear their school theme t-shirt and participate in an approximately 1 mile the neighborhood surrounding the school with a police escort. The walk follows a school Mass. Parents are invited to join in the Mass and walk. Each student is asked to bring in at least $1 donation which is given to St. Paul’s Cold Weather Shelter.

Student Performances

  • Band and Choir Concerts
  • Christmas Program Pageant
  • Passion Play at Easter (8th grade)
  • Drama Production (3rd grade)

Night of Excellence

 A grand celebration including all of our students finest achievements.  All forms of art are displayed in the halls and gym.  There are performances in song, dance, poetry reading, instrumentals and dramatic acts for everyone  to enjoy.  A variety of projects are on display; STEM, Religion and Social Studies to name a few.  There are also interactive actives in the arts, STEM challenges and Math club actives.   Every student in the school is represented and celebrated!