Learning Differences

Resurrection-St. Paul School is able to accommodate many students with diagnosed physical and/or learning differences. The Learning Resource Team, which consists of a Learning Specialist, Reading Specialist, Speech Pathologist, School Counselor and Administrators, is dedicated to reaching the various needs of all Resurrection students. Students who have a documented Learning Difference will have a Student Accommodation Plan (SAP). This plan will layout specific accommodations or modifications that will be made for the student to reach their full potential at Resurrection-St. Paul. Differentiated instruction along with multi-sensory learning (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) strategies allow most students to access the curriculum. Each student’s needs differ and a pre-admittance conference is recommended with members of the Learning Resource Team to determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether or not Resurrection-St. Paul School can provide the best learning environment for the student.