STEM Activities at RSPS School

Resurrection-St. Paul School is a Howard County STEM school.  STEM certification affirms that Resurrection-St. Paul School, through the teaching of the Catholic Church, is dedicated to the total formation of the child by preparing them for a global society through innovation, problem solving, and cross curricular collaboration.

STEM Faculty

Every teacher is a STEM educator who works to integrate STEM into the curriculum.  STEM is integrated through the use of technology as well as through center-based approach to personalize learning.  Educators seek adult-world connections with student work.  Often, educators collaborate with additional community groups such as local businesses, parents, local government and service organizations as well as representatives of higher education.

Teachers engage in ongoing STEM-specific professional development in partnership with the Archdiocese of Baltimore and institutions such as Loyola University of Maryland, Notre Dame University of Maryland and Mount St. Mary’s University.

STEM Students

At Resurrection-St. Paul School, all students are STEM students.  Resurrection-St. Paul School is a STEM school that fully embraces and integrates the components of STEM into the entire education of each child.

On a daily basis, all students have multiple opportunities to communicate, collaborate, and think critically and creatively.  Sometimes this takes place on an individual level.  Other times, it is in small groups, as a class, with the entire school, or around the world.

Embracing our Catholic values, learners are encouraged to ask questions and imagine ways to change our world for the better.  Students then plan, create, improve and communicate their solutions with the community.  In this way, we support students’ development as global citizens as well as stewards of creation.

Beyond STEM

Resurrection-St. Paul School is proud to lead the way in STEM programs. Additionally, we remain committed to educational excellence in Religion and the Arts making our title more appropriately a STREAM school.