Middle School (6th-8th)

As a Catholic middle school in Howard County, we follow Archdiocese of Baltimore Curriculum Standards which are aligned with national standards. The middle school consists of grades six, seven, and eight. Cross-curricular teaching methods, including the integration of reading, math, values, and religion into all subject areas, are used throughout the middle school. As a Catholic middle school in Howard County, we believe in student excellence, a close-knit faith community, and a sense of self-appreciation.

Subject Areas

Found below is a listing of the areas of study with example content and essential skills.

Language Arts

In each year of middle school, the language arts program focuses on the following topics:

  • Reading (variety of fiction and non-fiction)
  • Writing (variety of styles)
  • Mechanics (grammar, spelling, formatting)
  • Public speaking
  • Vocabulary
Social Studies

The social studies program focuses on geography, culture, and history:

  • Sixth grade focuses on ancient history, cultures and geography
  • Seventh grade examines world geography including current events
  • Eighth grade explores United States history and government

All grades use technology resources and explore how historical events relate to each other and the modern world. As a Catholic middle school in Howard County, we believe it’s important for students to understand the significance of past events in order to make the right decisions in the future.


Resurrection- St. Paul School has updated the science curriculum to include Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Middle school science classes explore life, earth, and physical science and include a variety of hands-on activities and technology:

  • Sixth grade is a survey course of major topics in all areas of science
  • Seventh grade focuses on Life science
  • Eighth grade examines Earth science

The instruction of middle school math ensures that all students will have experience with algebra by eighth grade. Advanced students will have the opportunity to take geometry in eighth grade. Emphasis is placed on computational skills, concepts, and problem solving using a variety of teaching strategies and materials.


A cornerstone of our curriculum is the religion class. Students are exposed to the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church:

  • Sixth grade religion focuses on morality and the sacraments
  • Seventh grade explores the sacraments and the New Testament
  • Eighth grade focuses on the history of the Church and Christian beliefs

All students receive family life instruction in the tradition of the Catholic Church which includes lessons about respecting the body and creating loving communities.


All middle school students take Spanish, music, art, technology, and physical education.

Academic Enrichment
  • North Bay Adventure Camp (grade 6)
  • SeaPerch Robotics (grade 7)
  • GIS software and GPS unit (grade 8)
  • Junior Achievement Finance Park (grade 8)
  • Archdiocese of Baltimore Spelling Bee Competition